Street Style: Berlin with a Twist

Berlin is an amazing city for street style.

It’s not necessarily New York, Paris or Milan, but it certainly holds it’s own. Unconfined by the stuffy name brands that always walk in the cities with the biggest fashion shows in the world, Berlin takes on a rougher, almost neogothic/punky attitude to it’s style.

Although, do not get me wrong, there are still a lot of wonderful designer pieces floating around the city; it’s just that they appear to be worn a bit differently.

The girl in this photo wears a vintage cape, scarf, and tights, H&M shoes and Roeckl gloves.

At first glance I thought that the cape was a different rendition of Gareth Pugh’s widely publicized rat cape. When I saw it was not, I still thought it might have been designed by him.

Alas, it was not. So bravo to the vintage find and this rockin‘ style.

Looks like I’ll have to be making a trip to Berlin sometime soon…

Photo and clothing info from: Stil in Berlin.


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