A Closer Look at Fabric

Sure, models are beautiful and completely decked out at couture fashion shows… And the structure and detail of the designs may be breath taking… But have you ever looked closely at the fabric its self?

Fabric plays a huge role in the feeling and mood that a piece sets and evokes. So, here is a little snippet of fabric 101.

Some fabrics, such as silk, are light and can be billowy on the runway; whereas, a knit wool or vicuna would be heavier, and depending on the knit size droopy or stiff.

Some fabrics will hold dye better than others. Synthetic fabric generally does not hold dye well or requires a special dye process and/or to be blended with a natural fiber. Along with this, some natural cloth holds dye better than others and will produce more vivid colours.

Natural fibers go though different levels of processing or washing, and therefore have different degrees of refinement. The more refined, obviously, the more expensive the fabric will be.

Well that is just a tidbit of fabric information. Maybe I’ll go more in depth on a niche of it later.

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