Current Obsession: Harem Pants

Okay, so maybe 99.9999% of the world hates the way these look, but I’m completely in love with harem pants!!

Something about the way the fabric creates intriguing folds, how the low crotch is weird yet oddly flattering to your lower leg pulled on my conscience…

Then, I actually saw a guy wearing some on campus the other day, in a very structured/heavy weight material, and he looked just smashing!

Anyway, I could no longer resist temptation and I gave way to what most people would consider poor judgment, and bought a pair.

Okay, please try not to throw stones at me. I promise they are super-duper-ultra comfy; so much so that I don’t care if the rest of the world thinks I look like an idiot.

The harem pants to the left are by Alice + Olivia and can be found at shopbop (if you dare to buy a pair). A more comprehensive listing can be found here.

Happy shopping ladies (and gents?).


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