Mood Lighting

Everyone loves a little bit of mood lighting. titiMadam’s home collection has some pretty bangin’ acrylic candelabras and candle sticks. Sweet. They’re contemporary, see through (except for the white, I think), and yest totally “old fashioned” enought to spice up anyone’s evening.

I’d LOVE to see these with some tea light candles in them. 😉 The candelabra is £25, and the two sticks start at £15. You can mix and match the sizes of the candle sticks. Get them here, but also be sure to check out titiMadam for tons of other cool acrylic and cutout jewlery and home decor.

Z Gallerie is stepping it up. You can score these totally romantic (and classical) candelabre and sconce set for 70 bucks, total. The candelabre sports crystals. Pretty cool. Get them here.


2 responses to “Mood Lighting

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