the good, the bad & the UGLY

Jeremy Scott, FW RTW 2009. Where did I find this photo? NY Magazine’s top 100 looks. What is going on? Let’s review…

Good: Motorcycle jackets ARE back, and have been back, for like, 3 years now, so that’s okay.

Bad: But why, why, WHY is it lime green? Okay, I know that the Spice Girls tried to make a come back, and that Sporty Spice wore lime green and black like it was her job, (yes, I fell victim to that), but it was the 90s.

This is just bad. On top of this, it looks like the jacket was made out of green pleather. Ew?

Ugly: The short little black skirt makes her look like a Sporty Spice gone bad girl hooker.

Someone needs to stop this trend before it catches on!!

PS: What type of bag is she carrying? It’s terrible too.

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