all my basics

I don’t wear makeup that often, so when I do it’s usually light…

These are my basics.

I suppose the most basic thing for ANY beauty look is healthy skin.

I have combination (literally, I’m half asian), skin and it’s kind of strange. I break out occasionally, and not that badly (most of the time), but when I do I scar. I scar VERY easily, so the best thing for me to do is just keep the acne away all together, especially because it takes my face a long time to clear up.

That’s where Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple comes in. I wash my face twice a day with a small amount of it (morning and night). It keeps my face in control.

After that, make up is optional, but if I had any foundation to recommend to you it would be Smashbox’s HALO. I swear it’s making the texture of my skin 100000 times better AND I just started using it. (I also use it as my concealer). Before this, I used Bare Escentual’s foundation, but it didn’t work very well for me.

I use Bare Escentual’s primer, but to be honest, if I wasn’t a broke college student I’d use Smashbox’s primer. I used it once and it worked wonders.

For an extra touch I use your standard Bare Escentual’s blush, but for that va-va-voom I use Dior Show mascara. I love it. Especially in waterproof! Oh, and I almost forgot… I’m in love with eyelash curlers and well a NUDE eyeshadow.

That’s it.


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