giddy up!!

jeffrey campbell designs amazing shoes. they are avant garde and, well, just creative and actually cutting edge– especially for those mid-rage priced shoes. thus, i’m always so tempted to buy a pair on urban outfitters or lulu’s.

so why have i *never* bought a pair of his shoes? because they are over priced.

and it sucks, because i’m a college student and i don’t have 100s of dollars to be throwing around on avant garde shoes that melt my heart but are probably (and honestly, sometimes really are) NOT made well at all.

so when i found these jeffrey campbell boots ($100+), i just had to let you all know how you could save at least 100 bucks.

i’m a horse back rider, so when i saw these shoes, a light went off in my head that said PADDOCK BOOTS. paddock boots are riding boots that you typically wear around the barn and paddock too. they are less fancy than those iconic knee high riding boots that most people think of when they think riding boots.

as i thought back to when i bought my first pair of riding boots, i realized, there was no way in hell i spent over 100 bucks on those boots.. and i certainly didn’t.

so i bring to you paddock boots. the good old fashion horse back riding way. they’re cheaper (for the most part, you probably will not be needing gel inserts or paddock boots that will last you 20 years), better made, and come in a variety of styles and colours.

if you’re the vegan type of gal, you can buy them in some very convincing fake leather that will cost you a fraction of the price of real leather boots.

you can buy the paddock boots above for $34.90 at Dover Saddlery or look for many more styles of paddock boots all over the web.

my paddock boots were in the mid-range price (aka the same price as the jeffrey campbell boots), and have lasted YEARS and are so comfy i’m tempted to wear them to class. too bad they’re crusted with things people don’t want to know about…

if you’re still interested in the campbell boots, you can buy them here and here.

2 responses to “giddy up!!

  1. I feel you on trying to find affordable boots! A great spot I love is Vegan Chic because they always have a big selection, they are 100% animal-friendly and affordable. I found some really cute riding boots that are well constructed and fashionable.

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