the best purchase i EVER made

i fell in love with the Jimmy Choo Mona bag when it was first released. it was large enough for every day things, and yet it could STILL expand. awesome.

totally punky, totally chic, and classy. how could a black bag be so much?? i needed it, i lusted for it… i HAD to have it. so i waited until the summer (last summer) and got myself a mona bag.

i wore it all fall and winter and the quality never failed. i still love it, but it’s been hiding in its dust bag all summer…

i can’t wait to break it out again. it’s probably sad i feel this way about a handbag.


4 responses to “the best purchase i EVER made

  1. i find that it's hard to find a bag that you really love & use all the time!

    so it's not sad at all that you feel this way about a bag, hehe.
    the bag looks great and i always love big bags!

    if only they had a jimmy choo boutique where i live, i have to travel interstate for it. 😦

  2. But it's a super beutiful handbag. oh. I've been looking for the rightbag for me but i'm so damn picky. I would love This Mona bag, but not complitely practicalfor my needs. Maybe I find the right one for me one day.


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