Tada! Here are some fun things I’ve been holding out on…

Birds: I bought in Prague 4 years ago on the Charles Bridge around Christmas time. I bought two other pairs… but I believe they were fish. They went to friends.

Squares: I JUST received these this summer from a friend. One of them was broken when they arrived in the mail so I had to wait to fix it when I went back to NY.

Balls: I made these while I was in NY from my plethora of beads. I bought a whole bunch of beads and semi precious stones when I was in Thailand 4 or 5 years ago and never really got a chance to use them all.

The colour is a bit off in this photo…
Necklace: Made out of those same beads from Thailand. The beads aren’t all produced in Thailand but they are imported from all over the world. I forget where these fresh water pearls and stones came from.

Pin: An awesome fabric flower pin ready to spruce up any dull outfit. 🙂


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