big, fat, sequin-wookie

lately, i seem to be in the business of procuring random-crazy-crap that 95% of the population would shun me for wearing. my latest endeavor, or shall i say, crap-hunting expedition was my little thrift store escapade this past weekend.

30 minutes after i entered the store, i was leaving with a GIGANTIC bag stuffed full of something furry and something glittery (drag queen glittery). sequined-wookie. it was hot out. i felt ridiculous.

but fur is in this season, is it not? so are sequins… and i have a soft spot for both– or just all things ridiculous.

so here we have, exhibit a: sequin thingy that i thought was a little micro dress from the 80’s.

…turned out to have 6 inch slits up the sides…

…and is a size too big. So i plan to belt it, sew up the slits, and take in the sides. voila! perfect dress (with leggings, preferably latex ones) for a night out.

exhibit b: the faux fur wooly mammoth. i just grabbed it off the racks because i saw fur.

it turned out ot be a size large, whilst i’m a size small.

clearly that didn’t stop me from buying it. because, hell, i can belt it and have some exaggerated shoulders, which are totally in right now, which means i can get away with it.

i want to find a fatter belt for it… or maybe i’ll just be cruella de ville for halloween. 😉

oh yeah, and thank’s ryder for saying the furry beast was kate moss like!! ❤ nothing like a mental boost right after your roommate comes in and exclaims how ugly the coat is– and hopes that i never wear it. haha

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