once i wore balenciaga

let me just say, i love balenciaga.

you know, like, love it enough that i own a book of the designs, spent way too much on a pair of pants, and trucked myself to the balenciaga store in nyc to try on my favourite dress from the SS07 collection when it came out.

so i fell in love with this dress and was dying to have it. but because i didn’t have 3000 dollars lying around, or a used car to cash in i settled for trying it on.

first of all, i walked into the store and couldn’t find the dress ANYWHERE. (the sotre layout is awesome). so i eventually go up the nerve to ask an attendant if they had the dress in the back.

she said that they had JUST gotten the dress in right off the runway and they only had it in one size. i decided to go for it. well it fit!! the fabric and construction of the dress was amazing. (amazing enough that i’m writing about it 3 years later). this is what it looked like on the runway:

as you can tell, i’m no model (definitely not tall enough, nor thin enough), but balenciaga is truly made for the female figure. oh and sorry for the blurry photos. but yeah… i love balenciaga.

have a similar story about a stupid designer obsession?? share it!!!!

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