So apparently I post a lot of photos on my blog because my Picasa album for this blog totally filled up and they won’t let me upload any photos to that album anymore. So a new album it is. 🙂

Speaking of albums, if you haven’t listened to the American collaboration The Dead Weather, you really should get on that. Think Alison Mosshart’s smokey/scratchy LP record voice from The Kills + The White Stripes + a little bit of Queens of the Stone Age. Um, amazing much?

And for those who have a nail polish obsession (I know I do from time to time), there’s a new LA based cosmetic group on the prowl: RGB. Their nail polish is as modern as it is classic. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle (or three… the Pre-Fall collection please!), but it seems as if the only stores that sell RGB are in California. Boohoo.

I guess I’ll have to find it on ebay or something. Oh yeah, I’ll be selling some used shoes in a few days. So stayed tuned in to Royal-Tee!

Queen of Mayhem

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