fall outfit!

Necklace Urban Outfitters – Cotton T-Shirt Stephanie Li – Elastic Belt American Apparel – Thick Jersey Skirt Queen of Mayhem – Knit Wool Tights H&M – Velvet Shoes BCBGirls

New necklace, YAY!! Earlier today there was some really horrible weather. There was a cold drizzle that was just heavy enough to soak your pants if you were walking around for a while between class… Like me. So I changed into this before class, except I wore some Hunter wellies. I actually have a lot of outfits to share with you guys, but I need to get a tripod and a remote. This mirror + camera thing is retarded. Sorry if the images are weird/blurry.

Queen of Mayhem


8 responses to “fall outfit!

  1. Love the necklace! What is is made of?

    Laura will die when she finds out you have Hunter wellies.She had to return a pair because they were too tall.

  2. Thanks for all the comments guys!

    The necklace is made out of MESH + glittery bias tape stuff. You could probably make it in a snap for super cheap if you had the patience to take a sewing machine to some mesh and sew spirals for hours.

    I've had the wellies forever! They're actually the black 'Lady N' pair… but the soles almost have holes in them because I wear them so much in rainy Pittsburgh!


    Also, you could get Laura a pair of the bootie lace up ones. They're my latest Hunter obsession. (I actually just googled them today). Sigh.

  3. woooo! that necklace is something hot!!!

    that second mascara set is pretty tempting! i don't think i've tried any of them in the second set before. thanks for sharing 🙂

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