on the DIY shelf

I feel like I’m always saying “oh I could do that, and it would be 100 times cheaper”. And out pops this DIY project that either fails or never gets finish. I know, it’s sad. But THIS time (knock on wood), I’m absolutely determined to finish at least 2 out of the 3 DIY projects I’m about to unveil for you guys.

Exhibit A: I was browsing the rediculously espensive Free People site and found this $168 necklace I “needed”. I ordered supplies from bead stores, chandelier part stores, etc… but I shipped them to NY and not to Pittsburgh. Damn. So when I go home to NY in a week, I will (hopefully) make this necklace. 🙂
Exhibit B: These are awesome. I don’t have $99.00. So I ordered fabric swatches yesterday…
Exhibit C: Zimmerman doesn’t ship to the USA… Besides, if I don’t have $99, then I certainly don’t have $439. SO I cut up some fabric yesterday but have yet to pull out my sewing machine. Sigh.

Am I being over ambitious? Probably. Vote on which 2 DIYs I should make! (Although I think I’ve already decided). Haha, I know, I’m useless. Oh yeah, and many, many, MANY thanks to all of those bloggers that commented on my last post. Love you guys. 🙂

Queen of Mayhem


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