bleaching brows

Whilst bleached out hair seems to be a popular topic on my blog lately, what is with the bleached brows that have taken the catwalks by storm? I can’t tell if I love them of hate them. There is something so modern about it, yet so antique– think Mona Lisa, probably the most famous brow-less “woman”. As for bleaching my hair, I really don’t think I have the guts. I decided to give a virtual platinum blond me a shot, and I don’t know if I got scared by the hair styles I found, the way the hair looks fake, or the colour, but I got scared. The first photo looks like I walked out of a horrible yearbook mistake from the 80’s/90’s. Oh god…

Queen of Mayhem


4 responses to “bleaching brows

  1. The second photo looks super cute though. I really think you could pull it off.

    But brow-bleaching looks so weird to me. It always looks a little alien-like. o__0

  2. No way, do it! bleached hair looks good on everyone, it's a fact! You should really do it! It looks lovely on you. And y'know, if you hate it, all you have to do is buy a pack of dark hair dye and you're back to normal!

    Bleached eyebrows are definitely a no no, they make people look like vampires from Buffy or something…


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