80s vintage deserves a poloaroid

I originally bought this dress (off of ebay of course) as part of my Halloween costume. It came in the mail about 5 days ago but I’ve just been TOO busy to try it on, let alone take it out of its wrapping. It’s 1980s vintage, and yes, it had shoulder pads, glitter, and that faint musty smell. Needless to say I fell in love. I’m going to be a black bunny, but I still have to make the ears… which will hopefully be black lace and wire if I ever get to a craft store. Side note: I hate how girls usually go one of two ways for Halloween: slutty or silly. I really don’t want to show a lot of skin on Halloween, but I still want my costume to be cool, fun, and not retarded. So obviously shoulder pads were the right choice… even if they are a little silly. Btw, I love my tripod.

One response to “80s vintage deserves a poloaroid

  1. The Polaroid effect definitely makes your outfit seem more vintage. Great dress. I love the detail and it looks fabulous with the necklace you made.

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