TOP: sweater romeo & juliet couture – tank romeo & juliet couture – corduroy cropped pants j. crew – velvet pumps bcbgirls MIDDLE: blazer H&M – necklace urban outfitters – leggings romeo & juliet couture BOTTOM: necklace H&M – sandals nine west – painting queen of mayhem work in progress

okay, a better post today. it seems as if i’m obsessed with sequins and shiny leggings. oh well, that’s not anything new! i’m also unable to take my oversized sweater off. it’s amazing… and warm (except if you’re biking down hill in the cold

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4 responses to “sequin’d

  1. loved the outfit!!
    all black.
    the sweater looks great with everything, and blazer it's a charm too.
    love the photos.

    have a good weekend.

  2. love the second outfit!

    oh yes, it took quite a while to decant those lip balms, guess it's worth it bc otherwise I won't use it at all ha! I got the pens from, so far they haven't jacked my identity and shipped pretty fast, no complaints yet haha

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