Just Eve, No Adam.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I did, and thank god November 1st just happened to be daylight savings time because I woke up so tired. So I had a last minute change of plans as to my costume. I decided I wanted to be Eve (you know Adam and Eve). So I went around searching for fake leaves, and a fake snake. But I couldn’t find a fake snake, boo hoo.

I made my skirt out of some random scrap fabric I had lying around, my top out of fake leaves and a cheap bra, and the belt from some random leather shoelaces I had around the house. It was actually a really quick costume to make and it survived the night, albeit a few red wine stains and a few lost leaves. I decided not to wear any make up, and good thing, because my boyfriend and friend wore tons of face paint and it took them forever to get it off. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Oh yeah, my boyfriend is the Joker. And, what were all of you for Halloween?

Queen of Mayhem


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