All Tangled Up!

Image Source: The Uniform Project

Most of you probably were not readers (or maybe you were!) when I first made my Circles & Braids Scarf, but today it’s being featured on The Uniform Project which is super exciting! I’m dying to read all the comments people post. Exciting news aside, I’ve been so busy with midterms that I’ve been neglecting you guys. Luckily, I just finished my last midterm for this semester and only have a few homework assignments to go. Oh, and I go to NEW YORK in 7 days! Also, I love tapioca pudding. I made some from scratch last night and I can NOT stop eating it.

4 responses to “All Tangled Up!

  1. Hello there!

    such a great blog!
    Very modern and cool!
    Now I am crazy about a top like that…I love fashion blogs!

    many kisses and let´s keep in touch!!!

    see you,


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