A Christmas (Eve) Story

We celebrated Christmas last night. As you can see the tree was lit for the occasion. I actually went to church this year (surprise! because I’m not very religious). It was actually quit charming because I went to Sleepy Hollow (yes, the place where the legend of sleepy hollow took place) to a 17th century church that is still in its original state. It had no electricity– therefore there were candles and no heat! (It was cold, but there was an organ an hot apple cider which made up for it).

My Christmas Eve outfit was pretty simple and I didn’t post any good photos of it for some reason. I don’t know why, haha, but I think you get the point. (Also, ignore my hair).

We have a strange Christmas tradition where we hide a pickle (ornament) in the tree, and the first person to find it gets an extra present. My brother found the pickle, but was kind enough to share the loot with me. 🙂 I got some beautiful Christmas presents that I’m going to have to blog about some time soon. Tonight is my last night in NY before I got to Europe.

What are your strange holiday traditions?

6 responses to “A Christmas (Eve) Story

  1. My family always plays mah jong on Christmas day–although, I guess it's not that strange since we're asian 😀

    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday! And I love your new necklace on you 😉 Can't wait to see your Christmas loot!

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