Seriously In Love With Balenciaga!

I first fell in love with fashion when I fell in love with Balenciaga. My favourite spring collection is SS 2007 and my favourite fall in FW 2008. However, this pre-fall 2010 collection really blew me away. There is absolutely not a SINGLE look I do not like in the collection. The yellow is just stunning (I do have a soft spot for yellow though). I like the use of rich muted tones too.

Oddly enough, in my History of Clothing class this semester, I’m currently studying the Cavalier Period. There are blatant aspects that are pulled from the Cavalier Period in this collection… Like the gauntlet gloves and “rounded” look of the women (especially in their shoulders), and even the “high-er” looking waist. All in all it is still very much in the style of Balenciaga: a shocking look mixed with the classic look of the house.

There is really just so much I could write about this collection… but I’ll spare you.

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