rider dancer

I’ve seriously fallen in love with black and white photos lately. I’m sorry if they’re starting to bore you guys. But I’ve been experimenting with a lot of movement so hopefully it’s taking things up a notch. I need to take a new set of photos some time soon. Maybe this time they will end up in colour. The problem is some of the colour is lost when I upload the photos online and it ends up being really disappointing.

Happy February.


10 responses to “rider dancer

  1. I know, it's slightly disappointing when WordPress also desaturates my colours a bit. I work around it by upping my saturation so when WP does its harm it basically reverts into what I wanted it to be 😉
    Loving the silhouette of the second photo!

  2. lol that's how I feel when my makeup loses color from the crappy camera and then the crappy blogger upload!

    I love the last picture 🙂

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