On the Devil’s Back


I love this blazer/jacket. I got it over Christmas at Century 21 for a serious bargain. Those of you that live in NY should be (very) familiar with the store. On another note, I’d really love my hair to grow faster so that I can reshape it into something that doesn’t look terrible.

Remember that snow I talked about over the weekend? Well my university actually closed down today and is going to be closed tomorrow as well! It’s super crazy how Pittsburgh fails to deal with snow. When I was living in NY they would plow every few hours and salt like it was their job. It was just this morning that they half plowed my street. Serious fail.

I’d also like to announce that Lily, from the lovely blog The House of Mirth, has tagged me for the Kreative Blogger and Sunshine Award! Thank you! By the way, Lily makes some gorgeous clothing on her blog that you should check out. It looks professionally tailored.


8 responses to “On the Devil’s Back

  1. whoa, seriously awesome jacket.

    and thank you so much for all the comments! i can't believe you ran a marathon! i'm a terrible runner, but i hope to change that eventually, maybe this summer. so i'll definitely remember to ask you about it when the time comes 🙂

  2. Sweet blazer 🙂

    Hehe copper isn't very friendly for light-tones but I think it's sooo gorgeous on darker skin girls 😉 I admit it's not my first colour choice since I need to wash my skin in bronzer before use lol–but! I want to make it work! XD

  3. Niceeeee jacket 🙂

    Sorry I haven't tried anything from Kevyn Aucoin. This line isn't sold here 😦 I hope the pencil shadows and lipstick work well for you though! 🙂

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