A Disaster Waiting to Happen

I it wrong that I want clogs? Maybe it’s because of Chanel, or the fact I was a 90’s child… but I feel some strong yearning to own clogs. I don’t even know if I could walk in them, or if they’d be comfortable. Clogs are supposed to be good for you back, but I doubt that’s the case when you add a 5 inch heel to them. Anyway, if you’re interested, the Chanel-like clogs are (of course) by Jeffrey Campbell. The other pair is Steve Madden.

Now the only question is, Jeffrey Campbell in nude or black…

I seriously wish I was some place warm. The snow is beautiful, and I’m on my 3rd snow day in a row, which I think is probably pretty rare for Uni, but still… I wish I was free of all my school work and running around in some warm city. Sigh. The spring weather seems millions of miles away… As does a break from school.


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