Gareth in Wonderland

Since Gareth Pugh’s first major collection, I’ve been in love with his dark creations. From skulls and bondage reminiscent pieces, he’s never failed to captivated and pique the audience’s interest.

He has always played with silhouette and geometric figures, but this season he’s introducing a whole new level of shape and volume. His pieces, black as usual (although replacing white with a softer grey), vary from very strict chevron shapes to large flowing and soft pleats on a a seemingly airy wide legged pant. This collection certainly has Asian influences.

His Fall/Winter 2010 collection definitely showcase his growing maturity as a designer. Although he has not strayed far from his dark origins, his pieces seem more wearable, and dare I say, tailored to branch out to an older audience.

All in all, this is a truly stunning collection in my book. And he might just be stealing first place in my heart from Balenciaga.


I’m really liking the body chains. If I can get some close up shots of the type of chains he used, I might just make one of my own (really, It’s not that hard, just boring). 🙂

I fly back to Pittsburgh on a red eye tomorrow night. Sadly, California has been cooler than Pittsburgh this past week, and I’ve managed to get sick with bronchitis, an ear infection and a very, very raspy voice. 😦

2 responses to “Gareth in Wonderland

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think this collection is fantastic. I'm not one for all black, but his tailoring and fit are superb! Love the dress with the chains, as well.

    Your blog is great! I love your descriptive writing skills.

    Tc, Nia B

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