FW 2010 Shoes of Balenciaga

If you haven’t checked out the Balenciaga FW 2010 collection yet, you MUST. It sports signature Balenciaga shoulders, but bold colours that have only been a feature of the past few collections. His colours in this collection go from electric blue and teal to orange. It’s a collection that I’m in love with again. It reminds me why I ALWAYS keep Balenciaga at the very top of my list.

Because I would most likely post the ENTIRE FW 2010 collection on here if I was selecting pieces, I decided to restrict myself to the shoes. Enjoy. I think they are exquisite!

Remember this post? I think teal is going to be hot this fall.

Thank you all for the well wishes. I really, truly, appreciate it.

Queen of Mayhem


4 responses to “FW 2010 Shoes of Balenciaga

  1. I'm completely fascinated by these shoes. Completely and utterly fascinated. And I want to see them on my feet someday even if they can never be mine.

  2. Did you see the Chanel Spring 2010 Shoes?? HOW FIERCE ARE THOSE?!?! The gun heel is ehh (more for shock value?? but seems like you can fall backwards on the shoe), but I really LOVE the other shoes of the collection

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