Casual Cool

If you asked me what I was doing right now, I’d probably say nothing. We all know that’s not true, but instead, a simple way out. Because, let’s face it, most people don’t want to hear about all the little details of your life. Or at least that’s what we assume. Yet, somehow it’s interesting, or even comforting to hear about the little details of people’s lives. It makes us feel more human, more sane.

So, what am I doing? Well, I just got back from class. I biked home from campus so that I could change out of my shorts, and outfit I’ve gotten a handful of compliments about today, and put on something more casual. I don’t think casual is the right word. Comfortable would be closer, because my campus feels the need to blast AC despite the temperature only being a beautiful 80°F. It’s freezing indoors. So, I find myself putting on on a pair of jersey harem pants and a t-shirt. Honestly, what could be more comfortable for 80°F weather when pair with flats? Nothing.

Nail lacquer from Butter London in “Billy No Mates”.

3 responses to “Casual Cool

  1. Loving the color and clothing.
    And you're absolutely right about the details of other people's lives. While we always assume no one cares it always does make me feel slightly more connected when someone tells me something simple they've done.

  2. Awesome harem pants. You always manage to combine comfort and chic-ness. Hmm, what am I doing…. Besides this. Worrying about the fact that I'm not asleep (it's 2 am here) and keeping myself up by surfing the interwebs. It's totally in my power to stop doing both and yet, here I am…

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