Ethnic Suburbia


5 responses to “Ethnic Suburbia

  1. :O Clearly I've been offline for TOO long!! I didn't hear about Shu being discontinued in the States!!! I wonder if they're going to take off all their products from NA too??? But honestly, the only two things I use from their line is the beloved eyelash curler and the cleansing oil. People who love the curler love it for life lol …but really, you should try it for yourself before purchasing since everyone's eye shape is different. The cleansing oil…I could skip out in as long as I have another cleansing oil within reach. It's not greater than all others I've tried so the price differential is puzzling to me O_o

    Btw, I luuurrrrve this photoshoot you did! The background, the jacket and the red lippie go together SO well! I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I absolutely die for this! It looks straight out of a magazine. Oh, and you remind me SO much of Karlie! I can't believe I'm just discovering your blog. J'adore. def. following you. xx – L

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