Clutch Me!

…hahahaha, how creepy is that blog post title? So first, I suppose I must apologize for my absence. The only excuse I have for you all is flying around the past two weekends for job interviews. I just got back from Seattle today from a less than triumphant interview with Microsoft. Oh well, the world keeps turning. Maybe it’s someones way of saying I really ought to go after my dream.

Anyway, my busy-ness (it’s funny, I first spelled it business… I can’t spell) has been keeping some photos from you, in particular the ones below (I know it’s weird I’m putting my verbage above the photos this time, ahhhh, creatures of habit).

Tricked you, I still have some words down here. This clutch is something that I’ve been working on at my internship. I’m not sure if it will stay a clutch because there have been some rumors about some chain and handles being added… The clutch is reversible and has a nice red lining complete with a pocket for those oh-so-essential items. I hope you all enjoy and hey, Thanksgiving is almost here! Yay! It’s the start of my favourite string of holidays. 🙂

7 responses to “Clutch Me!

  1. Oooh that clutch is something else! Did you really make that?! You are so talented, I can't wait to see what the final product will look like; although it does look stunning now! 😀

    Ahhh yes…interviews …just the sound of the word makes my stomach churn :S

  2. SWEET! Show the reversible red side, please. Hmm… I can see a short gunmetal chain, toughen it up a bit or a unique handle ala Christina….. or wait both!! Cannot wait to see the gorgeous finish clutch

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