DIY Lady Liberty Headband

While I may look like a really angry, hardcore 12 year old (see, we continue with the 12 year old theme from last post), you will probably look chic and fashionable if you attempt this incredibly easy DIY. This headband took me about 20 minutes from the birth of the idea to completion. If you don’t own a sewing machine, it might take a little bit longer.

Before I get started on the DIY, I warn you, there are pictures of my unwashed, bed face– that was my disclaimer. Also, the instructions are pretty simple. If you don’t understand them, I have a higher IQ than I thought, or I’m just really dumb and made something super simple, super confusing. Just ask if you don’t understand, I don’t bite. 🙂

What you will need:

  • scissors
  • leather (or pleather stuff if you’re cheap like me and use stuff that’s lying around the house)
  • studs of any size you like (honestly, I think the bigger the better, but I just used the ones I had on hand) I purchased mine from Studs & Spikes
  • sewing machine with thread of choice, or needle and thread
  • elastic
  • knife
  • screwdriver

So, here is the deal. Take your leather and cut a strip that will cover most of your head. Take your elastic and figure out how tight you want your headband. This should all be self explanatory. The elastic is attached to the leather so the whole thing stretches and stays on your head. The end.

Sew the elastic onto the leather strip to make a closed circle. Now you have a headband. Yayyy! Now it’s time to decorate. I used a pen to mark where on the leather I wanted my spikes but then got lazy and just started poking holes. You can do the same. So presumably you have your leather marked. Now you will want to take your knife and poke a SMALL slit into the leather– just enough to fit the screw of the spike through. If you make the slit to big, the spike will fall through and your headband will suck. Don’t do that. I messed up (just like I told you not to) and just made a slit a little farther up from my mistake. It worked!

Now, push the screw through the slit, screw on the spike, and tighten with the screw driver. Keep on doing this until you’re done, and TAH-DAH, you look fab like lady liberty.

I basically found stuff around my house to make this headband. Be creative and use interesting fabric, etc to make your headband better than mine. Remember that the spikes are heavy so if you plan to use fabric, you will want to put something heavier underneath to keep your headband from drooping.

Don’t wanna make one? I’m selling them for $25. Email me christnaooi at gmail dot com!


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