A Little Bit of Athens

I know I’m a bit late but Happy New Year! I’d like to thank each and ever one of you, really and truly for visiting my blog! It means so much when you comment, when my follower numbers go up and even just when I check my visitor numbers. So, thank you! Because I’m abroad and without a computer I haven’t had the means to update about my travels, so while I am able to steal my boyfriends computer I’ll update a litte. Mwahahaha!

On one of my days here I visited the center of Athens where I got to do all sorts of touristy things like see the Acropolis and Acropolis museum. I got to try Greek coffee and walk around the old area of the city (Plaka) which is touristy but still has old world charm. Plaka sits in the shadow of the Acropolis so my boyfriend and I took time to mosey through the winding streets (and confusing areas) on our way to the Acropolis. On the way we saw some interesting graffiti and empty tourist shops (oh, the economy). Once we got to the Acropolis we realized that there was a 12 Euro fee for seeing the Acropolis and six other main attractions (the Temple of Zeus, etc). Alas, they never took our tickets but I’m all for supporting a good cause. The Acropolis was seriously amazing. While I had heard so much about it in books and of course history class somewhere between grades three and six, I hadn’t expected it to be so grand. Note to those future travelers to Greece: go in the winter because I would NOT want to deal with the crowds in the summer.

This photo is out of order but I figured it would lure you all in. 😉

A shop? A cafe? Who knows… I guess those that can read Greek!

Making our way up to the Acropolis… it looked very residential and we may have walked through some peoples yards to get there but we never really got lost. Haha!

Cool! Too bad her head chipped off. 😦

Yeah, obligatory photo. :((((( On the up side, I am wearing a cool vest… buuuuttt you can’t see it too well.

This is an awesome car. It would not last in NY or Pittsburgh.

On our adventurous walk up to the Acropolis we got to see some amazing rooftops.

After paying 12 euros to get into the Acropolis gates we got to see this forest which I could imagine some nymphs playing in. Too bad they don’t exist…. or do they?

To be honest, I’d need to look at a map of the Acropolis to know the name of what I took a picture of. Oops.

Yes, this is so awesome. It looks so awesome. I want an awesome shirt with this awesome set of shapes on it. AWESOME! I think all the feta I’ve been consuming is making me crazy. or perhaps it’s the sugar from the 5 different cakes I ate today…

The internet connection is being slow right now, so you’ll have to wait for the rest of the photos and more of my adventures! I assure you all that I will be responding to all of your comments and emails as soon as I get real internet. 🙂


7 responses to “A Little Bit of Athens

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love all the textures and old world feel of Athens. The stacked stone wall is so amazing – it is easy to be inspired. Even the brown door you stood by shouted Chocolate Bar to me. I am truly envious you get to explore another new place. I will get to Greece one day……

  2. Your photos are giving me travel lust! Oh, I'd love to go to Greece, I hope you have an amazing time.

    Thanks so much for the info about the dress form, I think I'm gonna go for it.

    Happy New Year!

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