DIY Feather Mono Earring + GIVEAWAY

Ignore the fact that it looks like I’ve got shot through the head with miniature track lighting, and look at the earring! Like it? If you do, read on for a little DIY and GIVEAWAY. I just got back last night from Germany, so don’t expect me to be 100% coherent!

What ‘cha need:

  • assorted feathers & ribbon
  • scissors
  • 28 gauge wire, or anything you can easily wrap with your hands. The idea is that you don’t want to have to wrap by force because your earring will be ugly and you will give up. Just kidding– it will just be a pain in the butt. Note: the smaller the number the gauge the fatter the wire gets. This wire can be any colour.
  • 20-ish gauge wire in a colour you like
  • jump ring in matching color
  • eye pin whatever color– the size doesn’t matter too much and you can even forgo it and use the 20 gauge wire by simply looping it (tutorial) which is really simple and I ended up doing this because I ran out of eye pins. Oops.
  • jewelery pliers (round nose)
  • earwire— feel free to go fancy. I kept it simple.

Let me know if you need links to any other supplies. πŸ™‚

Basically you just want to start off by arranging your feathers and ribbon, cutting them to the desired length, getting them in a nice order, etc. Next you will want to take your eye pin and insert it in the center of your arrangement so it peeks out of the top of it… because that is where you will be connecting the tassel part to the earwire. I hope that made sense.

Begin to wrap the 28 gauge wire around the arrangement so it all stays in place. You might want to do this in various stages so the contents are more secure. You could even try hot gluing some of it together first but glue and feathers just sounds like a bad idea to me. Now you’re almost done. Take your pretty 20-ish gauge wire and wrap it over the 28 gauge so it all looks neat and nice. You could forgo the 20 gauge wire but I thought it looked nice and I had ugly 28 gauge wire so I didn’t really have a choice.

Now, open the jump ring and put the feather tassel and earwire on it, then close. Ta-dah! You are done. Wear your creation proudly. πŸ™‚

I didn’t have enough energy in me to take tons of photos so I hope the tutorial is clear enough. Feel free to contact me about questions, clarifications, etc.


Here’s the deal, you can win one of the two earrings I made (pictured below)

To win follow me and comment on this post telling me which earring you would like to win along with contact information in the case you win.

+1 entry for following me on twitter (let me know your username in a comment)
+1 for tweeting about this giveaway (let me know your username in a comment)
+2 for posting about this giveaway on your blog (comment with the link)
+1 liking my new Facebook page (let me know who you are)

The winner will be picked randomly on the 22nd of January! Good luck! πŸ™‚

Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see what projects I’m up to!

15 responses to “DIY Feather Mono Earring + GIVEAWAY

  1. Hey Christina,

    Ooh I think I rather like the shorter one better but I think both are adorable! Enter me prease πŸ™‚

    I didn't know you had Twitter but just followed you and RT as well under tummycake. Thank you!! ❀

  2. I've always wanted to attempt to make my own earrings, but never bother working out the details of how to do it, so this post is awesome! Oh, and I'd love to enter your giveaway. I liked your facebook page (Crystal Chang).

    Also, I have no idea how the guy was balancing. A crowd of 25 of us were circling him trying to figure it out and he refused to tell us his secret. Sigh, I guess it'll forever remain a mystery.

  3. thank you for visiting my blog! πŸ™‚
    & yes. the measles were pretty annoying but i'm fine now! πŸ™‚

    the earring looks AMAZING !
    sadly i don't wear any so i will have to pass on your give away πŸ™‚ but i followed you because your blog is interesting πŸ˜‰

    you're really pretty!
    – Coco

  4. I honestly don't know why I wasn't following your blog already. XD

    Love the earrings and the DIY — I've actually been on the hunt for a cool-looking mono earring as of late, haha. So if I get luck and win, the short one would be lovely. ❀ (+ following you on twitter, + tweeting about your sweet DIY skills).

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