… I’m totally kidding. Today, we’re going to talk about my failures. Well not exactly. What I really mean is we’re going to talk about my trials. First off, I’ve been sewing more so I’ll give you a little sneak peak of what I’ve been working on. I’m looking to eventually sell a few pieces. I’m focusing my look on modern comfort. It doesn’t mean that I’m making sweatpants (I actually really hate most sweatpants), but it does mean that I’m focusing on soft draping fabrics– pieces that you’ll want to lounge around in because they’re so comfy but feel perfectly happy wearing out! Ideally you’ll be able to eat enough to let your food baby expand and you won’t feel constricted, haha. Yes, food is one of my main priorities in life, it’s kind of disgusting, but we’ll get to that in a second. So here ya go:

It’s really hard to see the dress/tunic on the dress form because A: it’s black, B: the exposure was crap, C: I was too lazy to properly edit the photo so I just make it black and white. Yes, I’m an overachiever. 😛 Anyway, the dress I’m wearing I haven’t been able to take off! It’s so comfy and I probably will never sell any because I won’t want to let them go. It’s really an issue.

Next up is running. Some of you might know that I ran my first half marathon (rather poorly) last May. It was hell because I got so hungry bu the 10th mile and hadn’t run for 2 month prior– I like to use the fact I was sick for 2 months as my excuse. Anyway, I finished, I got a high runners high and signed up for another half marathon because I like to torture myself. Here is the only picture of me running/about to run/before I’m disgusting and panting and red.

Don’t judge me. I just wanted to spice up this post a little. Anyway, I’ve been FINALLY getting back into running and I’m all good-sore BUT my appetite. Holy crap, I am the most hungry person you can imagine. I ate about 4 slices of toast with Nutella yesterday, devoured half a pound of pasta with sauce and tomatoes and carrots. Also there was lunch and some other stuff in there. Help!! It’s like the flood gates have been released. I need to curb my hunger, any advice, anyone? That’s all for now. I know this was kind of a boring life post– oh well, I like to over share.

Remember, today is the last day of the GIVEAWAY (below). So if you’ve commented and not followed and want to enter, follow me, etc.

PS: I sincerely hope you all understand my sarcasm… otherwise I must come across as a big old b!+c4! Am I allowed to curse on blogger? Will they sensor me??

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