Neu Vest

I’ve had the idea for this vest in my head for ages. I don’t know why I never bothered to make it before because it’s PERFECT. It really adds a wonderful dimension to an outfit and would even be great in the summer over a t-shirt or tank and a pair of shorts. It looks great belted, over long sleeve shirts… I think I’m obsessed. I hope you guys aren’t sick of seeing black. 😉

Interested in purchasing a neu vest? For sale here.

Now, in with the bad news! I ordered fabric 2 weeks ago on ebay and it STILL hasn’t arrived. I really wanted to get sewing before Valentine’s Day but noooo the people who I bought the fabric from thought I shouldn’t. Ok, I’m done with my rant. On another note, thank you to all my followers, new and old and to those that comment or even just read. Ever email, IM and comment means a lot! 🙂


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