Strawberry Valentine Waffles

While most of you probably celebrated (or maybe you were one of those haters) Valentine’s Day last Monday my boyfriend wasn’t around to celebrate with me. Instead I got some roses (yay!) and a card from him in the mail. 🙂 So today we had our belated 14th of February. I started the day with some festive buttermilk waffles.

Yummm. Here is a recipe that is quite similar to mine. I don’t use sugar nor vanilla extract in mine. I also use more butter, but hey, you don’t want to get fat, do you? Sorry that the photos are a bit blurry, I couldn’t wait to scarf my waffles down.

As far as heart shaped waffle irons go, they are EVERYWHERE and quite cheap right now. The rest of my day was super nice and I’ll have another little V-Day goodie to blog about so stay tuned for some more belated valentine action.

What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day (besides keep updated on NY Fashion Week)?

5 responses to “Strawberry Valentine Waffles

  1. This food would look so nice in a projection. 😀 But my food was really basic: we-drunk-too-much-yesterday-and-we-need-bad-food – food. Which this time mean sausage with cheese (oven sausage as we say in Finland) and boat potatoes (a bit like french fries but not). It was truly bad and unhealthy but the only thing we could eat. Maybe I should post pictures from the other people too.:D


  2. That looks SO GOOD, I love the fact that there are mandarins in there actually, kind of a rare combo, mandarins (clementines?) and strawberry! I need to get me one of those for next valentines, although I think I'll overuse it for every other day BUT valenties…

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