6 Feet Tall

Actually, it was more like 5’11 in those heels but whatever, I’ll take it! You may be asking why I’m sporting such a goofy grin. It’s because of the weather. It’s actually not 40°F today, instead it’s 70! This is a serious reason to be smiling because it hailed yesterday and snowed the three days prior.

Anyywayyyy… this is my new dress! I finished it last night after having it sit around for weeks because I was too lazy to go out and buy a zipper. I found a bodice pattern lying around and decided to use it for the top and well… after sewing it up I realized it was a very small petite size. Lucky for me I have no boobs so it actually fits perfectly… well I actually might have to extend the darts because I actually have no chest.

If you think I look stupid smiling in these photos you should have seen the ones I didn’t post. Haha.

Now I’m going to go run around outside (read: go grocery shopping).

6 responses to “6 Feet Tall

  1. Yay, you finished your dress! I'm sure you tuck away sewing projects at a lightning bolt's pace, but for me finishing something is a really big deal. So- yay! You look beautiful.
    Happy Spring!

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