Objects of Desire

Anthropologie is a jewelry deathtrap. There are so many fun, chunky, and colourful statement pieces that my head explodes as soon as the webpage loads. My mouse always unknowing gravitates towards the most expensive pieces, and well… I can dream of a day when I can fork out $400 for some ceramic genius on a string but right now my price point is about that divided by 100. I swear this is how all my DIY’s get invented (until I realize I can’t even afford the raw materials).

Anyway, here are some things for you to ogle at with me.

Anyway, I’m about to graduate and hopefully then I will have enough time and resources to do millions of DIYs for you guys!! 🙂

One response to “Objects of Desire

  1. Owwh wow is it wrong that I think it's amazing that some of these look like fooood? especially like that last last necklace, kinda looks like korean rice cakes on tagliatelle noodles! In the best sense possible of course, so wearable.

    Yay for graduation! (Although DIY might not go so well as planned, that's what I thought when I was about to graduate 😛 Haven't done a DIY since! Turns out it wasn't a time issue, more like moolah…)

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