Nail Files: Urban Outfitters Nail Polish Review

Ever curious about those little square Urban Ouftitters nail polishes that they have out on display in stores? Well, I took the liberty to try on every colour sans 2 because I didn’t have enough fingers. Here’s my verdict:

Wow, the lilac was gorgeous with my warm skin tone! The sea foam green didn’t look so nice on my fingers in natural light. (It’s like a ghetto version of Chanel’s Jade). All colours except the grey and gold were a single coat. The grey was pretty translucent when you put it on so I had to double up in fear of my nail looking like a dead nail. The gold was nice with one layer but I wanted to pack a punch. The dark green is one again a ghetto version of another nail polish: British Racing Green by Butter London. I didn’t really like it… Maybe it needs another coat.

Now, onto the ugly hand. We won’t talk about the blue. It’s disgusting. The second nail is a dark purple that I found really boring because they have much nicer ones in a similar shade at Sephora. You can’t tell in this awful photo but the pink is HORRIBLE. It looks like semi-matte bubble gum. Ew, disgusting with my skin tone. The orange was disappointing. I’d call it a creamcicle color and to be honest, I have two other MUCH nicer orange nail polishes by Butter and Essie. The watermelon-ish color on my thumb was nice. One again, all of these had one coat.

Bottle photos:

The dark colours had the least staying power and flaked off by the next day. They also took longer to dry for some reason that some scientist will probably link to caner in the future.

Overall, not bad for the price but I’d stick to my first hand! UO sells them $8 for 2 in stores.

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