Egret Dress

Once again it’s that time of year that we break out our spring and summer frocks. They’re so easy to just throw on and easily become ultra chic with a pair of heels and a clutch. Here is my latest creation. I guess I’m trying to build my spring wardrobe.

My inspiration came from the simple chic cut of the many dresses on the SS 2011 runway.

Prints are also really huge this year and a great way to make a simple dress stand out.

I especially liked the back of this dress although this means I’ll have to go bra-less (not an issue for someone with a small chest unless someone starts blasting the AC). Although I might invest in one of those cool low back criss-cross bras!

Some of you might know that I’m graduating in 2 weeks and will be moving on to the real world. Because of this you should be expecting more wardrobe building posts. 🙂

Let me know what you think! Interested in buying one? Email me at christinaooi at gmail.

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4 responses to “Egret Dress

  1. that dress is gorgeous and I just bought a pair of nude heels that would go perfectly! is that you in the middle picture? you look sooo different with your hair down!

  2. I love the fabric. It's sooooo gorgeous. Did you follow any pattern or just improvised? I must tell it looks professional. Well done! Looking forward to your 'real world' wardrobe! Good luck!

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