Falling Back

We just turned back our clocks this weekend and you can spy a glimpse at frosted grass if you wake up early enough. The south is much different than I expected in the fall. I imagined a warm fall. Sure, Charlotte did not get hit with the snowstorm the north did a few weeks ago, but I find myself waking up in the middle of the night (or morning) freezing because it’s dropped to the high 30s. Maybe, just maybe I’m becoming unconditioned to the cold down here!

Halloween was unseasonally cold down here which was surprising to say the least. I skipped my holiday festivities and ate (horrible) takeout Chinese food on the couch. Here is a key takeaway for you if you ever move down south from the northeast: don’t try to find good American-Chinese food takeout. You will just be frustrated by the fact that the fried rice doesn’t have eggs in it nor the lip-smacking taste of MSG. Pizza is a topic for another time.

Let me me rewind Charlotte for you to before Halloween. My camera was being tempermental, otherwise you would have gotten a post out much sooner.

Every weekend there is a tiny farmers market just outside of downtown (officially called uptown) Charlotte.

Right before Halloween most of the market comprised of pumpkins. I kept on telling myself that I would get a pumpkin but never actually did…. which was fine because I spared my apartment from the mess of pumpkin seeds and guts.

I love all the colours at the farmers market and it’s actually cheaper to buy produce there than the horrible Harris Teeter. Charlotte needs more grocery stores!

I really need to figure out the weather down here. I really can’t decide if it’s cold yet or not– my wardrobe is SO confused.


3 responses to “Falling Back

  1. What colors – Beautiful! Are those green grapes next to the tomatoes or gooseberries? Cooking inspiration ❤

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