What’s Inside?

I joke that I don’t actually live in Charlotte and that I just have a space to put my stuff. It’s a funny feeling only spending at most three nights in an apartment you pay for and call home. It’s especially strange when you feel at home in your hotel room and the only thing it really lacks is all your stuff. What is all that stuff for anyway if I can seemingly live without it more than 50% of my week? I’m still trying to figure that out!

You might be curious to see what is lying around an apartment that is never lived in, so here is a sneak peak into what my pad looks like… sort of.

The first photo is of some really delicious blood oranges in an awesome wire basket I procured at a local store called City Supply. I love it, and it was super affordable. 🙂 Next, the super quick pig painting that I will never finish. I have this strange obsession with painting pigs after seeing a pig slaughter (wait, don’t close the page yet, I promise I’m not serial!!) and learning how people in other countries use it as a social event. They make it an all day affair with lots of drinking and partying– oh, and they use all of the pig. The third photo is of a very exhausted me. The real deal in the photo is the cowhide rug. I love my cowhide rug. Last is some scrap leather that I purchased over the weekend. I can’t wait to have a weekend to work with it; alas, I will be in New York and not Charlotte for the next few weekends.

I’ll leave you with that and probably the fear that I’m some twisted (pig slaughter obsessed) being… I swear I’m not!!!

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