DIY: Leather Earrings

I was walking around in Nordstrom last month and ran across some seriously chic leather earrings. After some inspection I decided that I was not going to spend $60 on them and that I could probably make them myself. So off to the craft store I went.

Below are the earrings I was inspired by (yes, that is a creepy camera phone photo). You can buy them at Nordstrom right here: Daly Bird ‘Katie’ Diamond Cut Leather Earrings.

Making the actual earrings took about five minutes. This is what you will need:

  • 2 earring hooks 
  • 2 ribbon crimps, sometimes called ribbon ends (you can find them at Micheal’s or on Amazon)
  • leather 
  • 2 small pliers
  • pen and paper


I had leather (unfortunately not black) in my pile of fabric from a little shopping spree I had a few weeks ago. I simply sketched out the shape I wanted the earrings to be and traced onto the backside of my leather. I used some scissors to cut the leather out, but to be more precise and are not in a rush to create earrings before you go out (oops), you should probably use a razor and a ruler to cut a straight, clean line. Take your ribbon crimps and crimp them onto the top of the leather. Attach your earring hook with your pliers– flaunt!

This was a really quick DIY. If you’d like to make some fun textured leather earrings, try overlaying the leather with lace ans using some gold spray paint. Let me know if you have any questions with a comment below! 🙂

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