Secrets in the Biltmore Gardens

It feels as if every weekend I go to a new place. I live what some people may call a transient life and what others might scoff at because they are ten times the road warrior. When I have the chance to get down to my apartment in Charlotte I usually just mope around and complain about how it’s not NYC, admire the weather, and do lots of laundry. While Charlotte has it’s charms, I found the beauty of the western part of the state this past weekend. I traveled out to Asheville, taking a detour in Black Mountain, and eventually finding myself walking through the winding garden paths of America’s largest single family home– the Biltmore.

I wish I could have fully captured the expansiveness of the gardens but I knew it was futile from the onslaught. Although the gardens are nestled upon 8,000 acres of land, they still boast of their untamed nature (by French garden standards) and will have you lost in their paths within five minutes. I decided to take more of a detailed approach to the gardens (I went Asian on you and took tons of photos of flowers– I wish I was kidding).

While shooting some of the photos it really felt like I was listening in on some secret the gardens had kept for a century. Luckily, my eagerness to test of my new lens had me listening.

I’m blogging from bed this morning and wishing that I could be transported back to those gardens as I type. 🙂

P.S. the purple and green spotted plants reminded me of dinosaurs for some reason. I am pretty sure that I have a childhood of Barney to blame for that.

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