Let’s Explore Charlotte, NC

Brioche French Toast at Crepe Cellar

I feel like I’m always talking about how I “live” in Charlotte, yet I never share anything about it. When I first started my job I was whisked away to the west coast for my first month or so before actually settling in Charlotte. I spent about six weeks trying to throw together a resemblance of an apartment and then before I knew it, I was sent off on the road to travel four days a week. That honestly sums up my life since September…in fact, I am blogging in the airport right now.

Last weekend I finally had time to get out and about to explore the Charlotte a little bit more than my usual dash to the grocery store or mall. There is a small area in Charlotte called NODA (North Davidson). It’s the historic arts district, but now the gentrified area only spans a couple blocks (literally). Nevertheless, NODA has some fun restaurants and cute, artsy shops.

Salmon Crepe at Crepe Cellar

Crêpe Cellar • Charlotte, NC

Rating: 4.5/5

Points: Cozy brunch spot, fabulous french toast, great french press coffee

Cons: None really… I wanted more honey on my biscuit!

Crêpe Cellar is a much welcomed addition to my brunch spots in Charlotte. The ten minute drive from uptown to NODA is well worth it on a Sunday just to sip on some reasonably priced French press coffee. They even give you a fancy coffee timer along side your press (I was impressed). Coming from New York I am a staunch believer that all good French Toast is made with challa bread, or at the very least, is made from thick cut bread and throroughly soaked in egg. Crêpe Cellar did not disappoint in the French toast department. They had two options, I tried the brioche based version. I also got to try their smoked salmon crepe. It was a soft crepe that came with a biscuit along side. Yum! The breakfast crepe is also supposed to be fabulous. All in all, I can’t wait to go back and it’s even inspired me to check out more places in NODA.

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