Middle of Nowhere, Ireland

I have this huge map, yes, a physical map, that I tracked my trip through Ireland on. I basically made a huge loop from Dublin, across to Doolin, down to Dingle (ahhhh, so many D’s), then to a bunch of places that started with K’s: Kilarney, Kilkenny, Kinsale… etc. I then eventually made it back up to Dublin. Somewhere along the way I was in the middle of nowhere. This actually happened a lot. I saw lots of cows, green, cows, sheep, sheep, green, green, green, and tons of super inspiring landscapes. We drove the country with the windows down, wind completely deafening one ear, and dehydrating our mouths. (I am guessing I let my mouth hang open a bit too much). I also managed to get a sunglasses tan while in Ireland, which I feel like is some serious feat.

Despite keeping a map and half a journal of where we went and what we saw, I honestly don’t remember where most of these photos were taken. Here’s a lump of completely incoherent photos in the middle of nowhere.

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