Blaze Inspired

I was on the hunt for some fun patterns to get inspired by. I love torturing myself by having to add seam allowance to every pattern… ever… so I decided to start at Burda Style. Actually, the reality is that they have the most current styles because they release patterns monthly. I’m in love with Burda Style and once-upon-a-time subscribed to the magazine. This process lead me to and the whole thing spiraled out of control. It’s almost like I’ve been time warped to last year when I would just sit around, get inspired, sew, and blog about it! Oh yeah, and do school work. The crazy thing is that was OVER a year ago. I can’t believe it and frankly don’t want to think about it. Here are the small bits and pieces of my mind that I took the time to put down. Yes, it’s a fraction of the garbage that is floating around up in there. 😉

I can’t wait to get started! I’m sure anything I produce will be nothing like what I posted as inspiration. Haha, so typical.

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