Dim Sum-day

If you’ve never had the opportunity to go for (good, and I mean, really good) dim sum, you might be missing out on life. Dim Sum can be best described as Chinese tapas. It’s typically a brunch thing that revolves around socializing, taking your time nibbling, and of course, nibbling. With my family it generally boils down to all of us inhaling our food and feeling sick because of it. You sit at a big (or small if you choose to not bring your dad, step dad, and cousin’s boyfriend’s daughter’s aunt) table and just wait for the food to come to you! Waiters push carts around stock piled with all sorts of goodies (lots of pork, so vegetarians and diet restricted beware) and some dishes will not come out until later in the afternoon, or may run out!!

Here are some photos of what I ate inhaled Sunday morning…

I really hate how my photos are uploading. I think I’m going to have to overexpose them before I send them over to picasaweb… or just find a new place to host! PS: I totally stole the name “dim sum-day” from my friend who has made Dim Sum on Sunday a bit of a tradition. 🙂

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