East Coaster in Los Angeles

This is what I wake up to and get to drive through every every morning. I am fortunate enough to live in the lovely Santa Monica Mountain range© William Thoren

If you’re an old time reader of my blog or even if you’ve read some of my posts in the past few weeks, you probably know that I’ve gone through a lot of changes. One of those (big things) would be my relocation to the west coast… in particular Los Angeles, California. Moving 3,000 miles was surprisingly easy. It took two carry-on bags, three medium, three large sized UPS boxes and ground shipping. But being in California has proved to be a bit more complicated…

The night I arrived the car I was driving in broke down in the middle of the I-405. Yes, the engine literally cut out in the middle of California’s most aggravating, dangerous, and horrible freeway ever. Actually ever. I broke down smack in between an on-ramp and the zooming highway and got the police to close down all five lanes of northbound traffic. Luckily, AAA came to the rescue, the tow truck guy was awesome, and the whole experience was actually hilarious and fun because there was nothing I could do about it. Some great camera phone photos happened.

The next California challenge was learning that people here don’t use exit numbers like east coasters. That means when someone tells you to go to ‘Lost Hills’ they’re not talking about a town you have no idea about (because you just moved 3,000 miles) but they’re talking about an exit. This is probably my biggest frustration with California. I just want to know that because I am at exit 129 and I am getting off of exit 119, I am ten miles away. Just give me the numbers.

Terminology. Okay, I knew that there was some lingo discrepancy between the east and west coast but seriously…

flip a bitch – to make a U-turn
geeking – to be working really hard
toads – otherwise known as ‘totes’ on the east coast which translates to totally
I’m going to the club! – I’m going to get lots of medical marijuana… illegally… at a place that sell it legally…

There are lots of other wonderful nuances about the west coast and probably a lot of it has to do with LA itself, but I’ve managed to experience a plethora new things. Driving in the rain on the I-405, thinking two hours one way is a short commute, In-N-Out Burger, clubs closing at 2 AM, no late night food, and the fact that there are valleys everywhere but there is only one Valley are just to name a few. I’m sure I’ll discover a lot more and become completely jaded about the ones I have just named, but through and through I’m an east coast girl at heart.

Feel free to overnight me some legit New York bagels at your earliest convenience… oh and maybe some schmear (yeah, go look that one up west coasters).


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