Born in Manipur, Northeast India, Mawi’s life has spanned many continents and cultures. As the daughter of a diplomat, she spent the majority of her childhood travelling the world, an influence clearly manifested in her eclectic designs. Hailing from a creative family, Mawi was destined to excel in the arts and an early exposure to sewing, knitting, and crochet was a key influence on her appreciation of craftsmanship – a quality that remains at the core of the brand. There was no doubt that Mawi would pursue a career in fashion, and after studying Fashion Design at Auckland Institute of Technology in New Zealand, she relocated to New York to work at Isaac Mizrahi.
Mawi had always been drawn to London’s creative vibe, the music scene and diverse subcultures. It was when she moved to London 16 years ago that she met Tim, her future husband and business partner. Tim, the son of an antiques dealer, grew up surrounded by the trade that would develop a keen eye for vintage and antique collectibles. Tim and Mawi’s continually growing repertoire of over a thousand trinkets made for ample material for inspiration, experimentation and customization and launching the Mawi brand in 2002 was a natural progression.


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