DIY PVC Leggings

If you’re like me, you’ve long since hopped on the bandwagon of wanting a pair of PVC leggings. Or maybe more recently, Karlie Kloss’ wardrobe in the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration has you lusting after a pair. Well today’s your lucky day! Instead of dropping a pretty penny make them yourself using my free legging pattern in conjunction with my DIY Legging tutorial and the instructions below!

Supplies & Instructions

  • 4-way stretch PVC – I purchased mine from MJ Trends and I was very happy with it. It comes in a variety of colours. 
  • Follow the instructions in the DIY Legging tutorial however:
    • Do NOT pin PVC fabric as it will not heal. Simply use some tape to tape pieces together!
    • Use a seam allowance of 10mm for the leg seams and if not using a serger, finish raw edge with a small zigzag stitch. 
    • When sewing with the PVC side of the fabric coming in contact with the presser foot, you may experience issues with the foot sticking. Place a piece of paper/tissue paper between the foot and fabric. You may also try corn starch.
  • Use the photos below for further clarity of the legging tutorial.

1 • Cut pattern out of fabric without pinning. You can use chalk to mark the non-PVC side of the fabric. 
2Tape do not pin fabric.
3 • Cut the waistband making sure to mark the overlapping sections.
4 • Elastic at waistband is folded under and top stitched with a twin needle.
5PVC can stick to the presser foot. I used paper between the two. Other options: tissue paper, corn starch, lubricant, walking foot, PVC foot.

The first image is of the actual leggings I made, but below find the Karlie Kloss ad for some further inspiration. You can even try making a hybrid of liquid PVC and wet look like sold at Black Milk.

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